Basic elements to be present in your everyday food recipes

Everyday food recipes are the once, which are prepared on a consistent basis. It is a part of our schedule and we want to make very nominal changes to it, most often. According to me, some basic elements should form part of our recipes, to ensure, we are not just stuffing garbage inside our stomach. I believe in maintaining good balance with proper and nutritious food, to ensure me and my family, remain fit and disease free.

Milk/tea and similar beverages

Breakfast is an important course of meal every day. I make it a point to serve some items, which are easy to prepare and contain milk or some juices, lemonade, etc, which are quite healthy early morning. These recipes can be as basic as milk and cornflakes or they might be a desert sort of thing, which is a little light and consists of milk and dry fruits. Having slightly heavy breakfast does not have a negative impact.

Using fruits and vegetables smartly

The usage of fruits and vegetables in the dish is extremely necessary. I wrap up green vegetables in Nan, and similar items and serve it to my children. My children hate to consume very beneficial green vegetables and hence, I wrap them in different recipes every day. This deceivingly helps them consume some food of nutritional value.
Personally, with busy schedules, often small snacks become necessary. Instead of considering the heavy and packaged foods like biscuits, bread, etc, it would be better to consider fruits and salads. These not only satisfy my huger but, also act as refreshments during the work process, without any extra fat and calories.


Not every dish is perfectly apt to our requirements. It is about making necessary modifications in the existing recipes and ensuring it is apt to our requirements. I try to replace some existing ingredients, with the healthy ones, in a good recipe, to ensure even better results.

Everyday food recipes-breaking the monotony

Whoever said, ‘our body is a temple and food plays an important role in keeping it healthy’ couldn’t have been more right. Being a stay-at-home mother and cooking for two kids and my husband, isn’t easy. On one side, there’s my teenage daughter, who fusses about everything, I cook and is on a mission to lose weight and hence, throw’s a tantrum while eating no matter, what I cook.
On the other hand, my son is a basketball player and needs extra energy to perform well in all his games. So, when there is such drastic change in the need of food diets under one single roof, I have to put in an extra thought, while cooking each day.
Below are few tips to keep in mind, when cooking everyday food recipes. These tips allow better execution of regular food plans.

Planning meals

Cooking three meals a day and yet maintaining variety is not an easy task. So a well thought out plan always comes in handy. I know a few friends, who chart out a timetable that, they follow each week. It helps break the monotony, during the seven days of the week. If you find that too cumbersome, plan the previous night, what you want to cook for the next day. If possible take your family members’ opinion, in what they would want to eat the next day. This will also make your work easier.

Let healthy and nutritious food be your priority

A healthy yet tasty meal is sure to please everyone. With everyday food recipes, the nutritious value of the meal should be your main concern. Sure meals do get monotonous after a while, that’s why, I suggest you to learn new recipes. With the technology becoming so accessible these days, that shouldn’t be difficult. Subscribe to food channels, or look up new everyday recipes on magazines or on the internet. Internet can be your source of knowledge about everything, you need to know.

Experimenting is the key

Feel free to experiment in the kitchen. If there is a traditional meal that you cook often, which has a certain ingredient your kids don’t like, think of all other possible ingredients that you can use instead. Include fresh fruits and cereals in your breakfast innovatively. Also, encourage your kids to cook once a fortnight. This will not only help them understand, why eating healthy is important but, will also come in handy in the near future. Additionally, this could strengthen the family bonds too

My midnight munching craving!

There has to be food for every mood, and if not create it. That is what, I learnt from my recent experience. It was 3 am and I woke up in the middle of the night with hunger. I was surprised why? I had a good dinner and stuffed too much dessert too. Still my tummy seemed to be growling with hunger. And its 3 am, nothing else, but I would only have to wake up and cook something. That was another dilemma, what to eat at this hour.

My Midnight Food

I open my fridge and the first thing that I saw was milk, eggs and bread. That very moment my dilemma was solved. And, I was even hungrier than before. So, what was I planning to eat? With eggs milk and bread the instant thing that came into my mind was making French toast. And it’s really easy and quick to make. Beat eggs add sugar, some cinnamon, little milk dip the bread and just fry them in oil or butter. And that’s all, ready for the bite. It took me 10 minutes to make it and it was all over, before I even know. But, I was so thankful these everyday food recipes that came into application the other day.

Stocking up food

When I was young, my mother would always put me in the habit of stocking the food. Namely items like eggs, bread, milk, corn flakes, butter, instant noodles and many more like these. These come really handy, when one is hungry at odd times, like how I was. They don’t take time and actually fill you up moderately. Jams and spreads come handy too. These are very quick to make items and do not make me wait, till dinner time.
Some easy everyday food recipes are omelettes, sandwiches, pancakes, salads. Rice and stew will always be your lunch or dinner. Oh, I forgot to mention soups, they are healthy and easy to make, if you are too lazy like me, get the ready to cook soup packets, they taste wonders.
However, I make sure to include a good amount of chicken and meat too. Surely, it helps me to keep my food interesting, with options, that I have. These everyday food recipes actually help you avoid junk food. And hence, are good to fill your appetite. Cooking recipes is an art not that difficult to explore and you can always find so many of them online.

Life hacks for the busy people!

Being a single working woman, living all by myself in a crowded metropolitan city has more disadvantages, than one can imagine. Not only, do the long working hours leave little time for me but cooking healthy food for self takes a backseat often. But, I know ignoring my health will only lead to more complications, so there are a few important things I keep in mind regarding my food habits.

No to too many calories in your everyday diet

It’s everyone’s dream to eat as much as one can and to never put on any weight! Ha, if only it were that simple! But since, it isn’t that easy, one should take extreme care to be not only calorie conscious, but also to eat as healthy as possible. Including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet can be the best way to do it.

Other important things to keep in mind
• Always carry nutrition bars with you, when you leave home. You never know, when you might feel hungry when you carry on with the day. These nutrition bars give you an instant dose of energy. You can easily shop for them at any supermarket.
• Ditch the trans-fat loaded snacks for healthy fruits or a mixture of dry fruits. Dry fruits are increasingly becoming popular as healthy snacks.
• Include fresh yoghurt in your diet instead of the ice cream.
• Cut down on caffeine in your diet and instead opt for tea. There are wide varieties of tea available in the market today. Be it lemon tea or green tea. Choose your pick, based on what you like more. Tea not only leaves you refreshed, but will also flush out the toxins from your body.
• And as much as shopping at the supermarket saves you the trouble of cooking at home, don’t forget the big hole it will burn in your wallet.
• As difficult and time consuming as it is, take time off to cook each day. In my opinion, cooking is the best therapy one can easily afford.

Health factor

Cooking has a direct impact on health. Being a single woman, often depending on packaged or processed food had been common to my routines. Soon, when I realized it was having negative impacts on my body and pocket, I began searching for simple recipes, which can rescue me out of this situation. Many everyday recipes are available on the net, which are quite easy to cook and have significant nutritional value.